Tutorials for Production 


How to navigate through our registration - it only takes a moment and makes the rest of your experience on Zenbu a breeze!

To create a dispute, select your profile icon in the top left corner of your screen. In the menu, select "Dispute" and fill out the necessary information in order to help us understand the situation. A member from our team will reach out and help the issue come to a resolution. 


Exploring the App

Discover and learn all of the things that you can do through Zenbu! Here, we take you on a simulation of going through each section of the app to find what cool things wait for you in time.


Creating and Managing Roles

Learn how to create new projects and roles. You can also go back and manage them - we will show you how it is done here!

To create new projects and/or roles, navigate to "Create New Role" from Home. For a new project, select "Add job to New Project" and fill out the details starting from project details moving on to role details and then scheduling. *You can save your progress and come back anytime.*

To create a new role for an existing project, navigate to "Create New Role". Select "Add job to Existing Role", choose the project that the role is related to, and fill out the role information. After this, you may create the schedule for the role as needed and edit it later. 

For both cases, you must finish and post the jobs in order for them to be visible to your perspective actors. 


Check - In & Check - Out Function 

Learn what Check-In is and how it helps you! Easy to do with a touch of a button and you are ready to work.

On the days when your hired actors come to work, they will be prompted to check in on time. When an actor correctly checks in, you can approve their action in app. The same logic applies to any check outs as well. To view this anytime, you simply go to the Check-In Section found on your Home Page. 


Managing Payments

Discover how to manage payment settings in the app from entering in information correctly to assigning funds to roles and more.

To manage payments, go to the transaction section > Select the three dots in the top right corner of the screen > Select Manage Payments. From there, you can update your settings.  



Discover what can be accomplished in the messaging section of Zenbu. From sending scripts to booking auditions and keeping in contact with your team, it is easy!

To create a group chat, navigate to the top right corner of the messages page and select "Add Group Chat" in the menu. From there, you will be able to add users related to any project to make communication easy. 


Auditions and Role Offers

After inviting a prospective actor to a role audition, you can view the invite in the Messaging section of the app. If you find the actor to be fit for the role, you can assign them the role by navigating to the three dots in the right of the screen. By selecting "Offer Role" in the menu, the actor will be prompted to accept or decline your offer. 


Accessing and Editing Profile

How to access your profile and edit it accordingly. Covers photo and video uploading, adding links, projects, and more.

Select your photo in the top left section of the screen. From there, you will be able to access and edit your profile as needed. 


Connections and Studios

How to manage connections, access your connections page, and see studio associations in one go. 

To view personal connections, navigate to your profile page and select the menu in the top right corner. 

To add another user to your connections list, simply go on their profile and select the icon to request it. 

To see a list of those associated with a studio, simply select the studio name and scroll down to see the list of associated users.